Mojo has op for strangulating lipomas

Whilst Saffy has been recovering very well, her handsome husband Mojo, was very suddenly taken very poorly, with Colic last Monday.

We were so lucky that we noticed him sweating and pawing the ground as he started and the lovely Ben from leahurst not only got to him very quickly, by which point he was refusing to walk and just throwing himself around on the floor, but he also diagnosed him with a suspected strangulating lipoma very quickly, so he was on his way to theatre with the fabulous Prof Debbie Archer, within an hour of his first symptoms.

This undoubtedly saved his life, as those who have experienced strangulating lipomas will know, the strangulation of the small intestines cuts off the blood supply and causes the effected intestines to effectively die off. The fact that Mojo was in surgery so quickly meant that he still had blood supply, which was a good job, as 8ft of his intestines were being strangled and such a resection would have likely been too much for him, as being an older boy with cushings slows the healing process down and also increases his risk of infection.

He gave us a little scare the day after his surgery with a tiny colic episode after his first post op feed, but has been doing amazingly well since and today we brought him home, where he had 2 very important things to do, give Saffy a smooch over the stable next door and have his first lie down for a while.

He is definitely happy to be home.

Colic surgery is very specialist and so very, very expensive at £3000 – £5000 per horse, we don’t have the final bill as yet but if you can afford to, please donate, you can find out how on our Donate page.

Thank you for your continued support.

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