Neglected Ex Racehorse finds the retirements she deserves with us at HSW


Ex Race horse “Hand Care” Ruby was sold at the last Beeston sale in very poor condition, causing lots of upset. After much tracing the lovely Karen Owen purchased her and brought her to us. She arrived Saturday night, and she will receive the care needed to live a long and happy retirement. Since being at Beeston Ruby has already gained a little weight although her fluffy coat covers her petruding bones we expect her to make a full recovery back to perfect health.

Ruby Day 1





Ruby, Sunday morning. So happy and settled, she’s a real chatty one, she talked to us all morning while we were mucking out and pottering around the yard. Her head was over the stable door watching everything we were doing. Which of cause meant she got lots of fusses and kisses every time we went past her. Not sure if she is nosey or clever 🙂

Ruby will be seen this week by the vet, farrier and dentist, we have also booked her a massage and reiki in.

As always we would be very grateful for any financial support in getting her back to health with vets, dentist and farrier bills mounting during this time of recovery. Please visit our donation page to find several ways to donate.


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