I arrived at Horse Sense Wirral April 1st 2019, they tell me I was going to Italy on something called live export, I don’t know what that is, but I’m glad I’ve come here instead, I’m only about 4 months old and shouldn’t be away from my mummy, mummy Amy has given me a big Gorilla teddy to cuddle up to and is making me some milkies, but I would have much preferred to have my real mummy with me. They tell me I’m safe now, but I need a name.

When I woke up the next day, mummy Amy tells me that a lady called Kathy suggested that I be named after the first rescue pony here, that started the charity. I think that sounds like a very good idea, as although Mummy Amy has been doing this for 12 years Horse Sense Wirral was officially formed In March 2009, so it’s their 10 year Anniversary too.

So I am now called HERBIE, apparently I look like him too, but Mummy Amy hope’s I wont be as grumpy as he was :0)

Uncle Luke from Leahurst has been to visit me this morning, I’m not too keen on men, but he was okay, he talked to me nice, played with me and give good scratches, I like him and he seems to like me too, he said I was special, it was a relief when he managed to cut the tight rope off my neck, from which I had been tethered, fortunately I has no sores where it was.

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