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Introducing Dolly (37yo), who came in with Mr Chips (3yo), Saffy (19yo) and Mimi (24yo) and have been signed over to us following a change in their owners circumstances.

We acknowledge that Dolly is in a poor state, as does her previous owner, who has struggled to come to terms with her situation and we ask that people realise that it is not an easy decision to ask for help after 27 years of owning a pony and giving her your best, her previous owner has asked for help when others wouldn’t be so brave and she will continue to support Dolly as and when she can in her final years.

Dolly was seen by a vet as soon as she arrived Thursday evening and following blood tests has been found to have Cushings and anemia which we fully expected, but other than that, all other tests are clear, so following dietary changes to account for her lack of teeth, we hope she will make a full recovery and be able to live her life out with our veteran herd.

Dolly has been given her own space as we will do follow up pictures as she gains weight. With a proper diet old ponies can live just as well as any other. We are always happy to advise on what to give or pass on contact details of our experts.

Feeding Dolly alone is going to cost between £60- £80 per week, if you would like to contribute and watch her on her road to recovery please donate via PayPal: writing “Dolly” in the comments box or look on our donate page for alternative methods of donating. 

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