I am sorry for the delay in keeping the site updated, due to the relocation and ill health.

I am afraid this wont be a great post as I am in agony sitting here, but it will bring you up to date.  I have just copied posts from our face book page, and will update other pages and our ponies details as soon as I can.

*******WE HAVE RELOCATED********

We at Horse Sense Wirral are extremely happy to tell you all that we have relocated to one site at Lodge Farm, Thornton Hough. Whilst the cost of renting the property is over double our previous rents, we had to make the move to give a better living environment to our current residents and also to allow us to keep up with the ever increasing demand on us, as our reputation grows and we are involved in more and more welfare cases up and down the country.

We are, as always totally financially drained but to the benefit of our ponies, who want for nothing so we would appreciate any donations large or small to help us along our way to creating the Wirrals very own Equine Super Centre in Welfare and Education.

Funding permitted we plan to convert the old barns into stabling and an indoor arena, as well as having a class room and veterinary examination area on site, to run many courses to aid horse owners to care for their equines to the best of their abilities. We will also have regular remedial farriery, dental clinic and massage therapy days on site.

We hope you will all enjoy watching our progress xx


Bubbles 1Sorry its been so long, but we have been up the wall moving all our residents to our new site, good news though, as Bubbles didn’t have to have his eye removed, although the treatment has worked out more expensive, so we really do need all the financial help we can get please.

It’s well worth it to keep his eye, as it is progressing well and we hope to see it healed in 4 to 6 weeks, although until then the vets can’t guarantee that it is definitely saved as such a delicate area.




gang 1delivery


Huge thank to everyone who has helped, too many to name thank you all so much. 





CarrotsOn arrival he was seen by one of our fabulous vets Elliot and given a clean bill of health whilst a sample has been sent away to check his worm burden and one of our super farriers Tom Clothier attended to his feet.

He has had little handing so is rather nervous and has never been with another horse so was delighted to meet his neighbours Mojo and Indie, he has settled well in his large barn area and will be seen by one of our lovely Equine Dentists Lee-Shakeshaft Edt next week, we do aim to rehabilitate Carrots to rehome him in the future, so keep an eye out for this super cute little man’s progress 


Carrots 1Little Carrots has had his teeth done and vaccinations today and he was a very good boy for his Uncles Elliot and Lee-Shakeshaft Edt, we will be holding our first Dental Clinic here at Lodge Farm, Thornton Hough, all day on Wednesday 27th April with Lee and Robin Harding @ £40 per routine rasp, please inbox to book your place 


MuffinWe were contacted yesterday by a lady struggling to care for Muffin in her small yard area at home and so we went and collected him, he has not been living with other ponies so was excited to meet his next door neighbour, little Hercules and after having his vaccinations and teeth done today he is settling in very well 




Poor Squeak has had to under go more surgery to empty another part of her sinus of nasty infection, after having had 99{6a58d31d3c5a0a8c6a8185d433f901ea3d6300a08925ea4c531ce37ae37d0426} of it removed when she arrived 18 months ago, sadly vets have now found a fistula (a tract) running from her sinus into her nose which means that she will be likely to need some sort of surgery at least once a year, this is her 4th in 18 months, which is alot for a little pony but, I have to say she doesn’t stress and takes it all in her stride.

If her previous owner had of gotten the vet to her years ago when the infection started, rather than assuming she had a dust allergy, poor Squeak wouldn’t be having to go thru all of this, but she is a happy girl with a great quality of life so we will always do what’s needed to keep her like that.

Huge thank you to our super Veterinary regulars Elliot and Luke of Leahurst Equine Practice for looking after her so well, hopefully she will be home late on Friday.

After our move, finances are very tight so we would really appreciate any help, whether it be £5 towards Squeaks bill or a bag of food or bedding, as in my previous posts. Thank you ever so much for your continued support as always 










Today we admitted 3 ponies from a field of ongoing concern to us and the general public, unfortunately not all of the residents were able to be saved, but these 3 will be given everything they could possibly need to get back on their feet, Tilly is a Chestnut, Section C, rising 4yo and although she is not malnourished, she has been lame since October and her owner has been unable to get veterinary treatment to her for various reasons.

Hope is a grey, cob, mare (age to be confirmed) with her foal Spartacus, at foot, whilst Spartacus is underweight, poor Hope is malnourished, full of worms and has severe rain scald, oozing puss, meaning she finds it really painful for us to touch her in these areas, both Hope and Tilly have very long feet and obvious dental problems, not even able to eat beet, so as per usual they will all be seen by our lovely Vet Elliot tomorrow morning, our Farrier Tom will see them Thursday and Dentist Lee will be here to make eating a pleasure for them on Friday.

I can’t stress enough how financially strained we already are, so these extra veterinary bills are really going to stretch us, so as always if you can help even a little please check out our donate page for ways to help.




Hope and Sparc







Yesterday morning our super vet Elliot spent 3 hours here and saw 7 ponies.

  • Buddy had x-rays of his sore feet and a blood glucose test to see if he is insulin resistant,
  • Hercules was examined for any sign of his testicles appearing,
  • Bubbles had his eye checked, which for the last week had had no ulceration, just scaring starting to settle down,
  • Squeak has another infection so had that all flushed thru and started on some really strong antibiotics,
  • New arrival Tilly was examined and found to now be sound, but she has rain scald, long feet and nasty teeth causing her pain and worm count samples, routine bloods and a pregnancy test were taken,
  • New arrival mummy Hope was examined and is by far in the worst state of the lot, with infected rain scald, very long feet and sharp teeth, lice, malnourished, she is very lethargic so Elliot took the usual manure for worm counting, pregnancy test and bloods but will run full blood works on her rather than just the routines and finally
  • new arrival baby Spartacus was examined in the morning and found to be malnourished and have rain scald but come tea time he was lying down and wouldn’t get up, so Elliot had to come back, while he was passing faeces, he was really struggling to do so, basically his little body isn’t used to food, particularly forage, so Elliot gave him some pain killers, tummy relaxers and tubed fluids directly into his tummy to soften everything up for him and help it pass through his tummy, both mum and son will have a long and bumpy road to recovery we just need to make sure we spot the bumps and either change what we are doing or get the vet straight out for the big bumps.

I will be back A.S.A.P to tidy and update this page and the website.


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