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Due to limited hours in the office, I am getting a bit behind. Saffy and Royal both spent time in hospital and Cally was very poorly and treated at home in isolation, with 4/5 vet visits a day. Bumping our vet bills up considerably, we can’t thank Support Adoption for Pets enough for their support in giving us a £10,000 grant. This was to be split between vet and feed costs, and made a huge difference to us. However, we still have substantial bills for both with the 3 unexpected large bills for the poorly horses above.

This year is an ongoing struggle, with no events to fundraise. But we with our supporters help and thinking outside the box with online shows etc, have been able to give the same level of care to our animals. We are not known for taking the easy option or for turning our backs when needed. However, winter is here and lots of obstacles to overcome. There is a shortage of straw this year, and we are having to buy outside the area. This means we have to buy in bulk and with fund low, it is an ongoing battle. Everybody including our suppliers and their suppliers are battling to hang on to their businesses, putting in stricter terms and conditions which obviously has a knock on effect on us. Only 5% of our income is made up of monthly Standing Orders, which will give you some idea how hard our team works to bring in the rest of the 12k each month. We have outstanding support from our professionals (vets/farriers/dentist) etc, suppliers, our public followers, our volunteers and Trustees, who all donate on a regular basis to provide the love and care the animals deserve. If you would like to find ways to donate, please go to our “Donate” page. or we have a Just Giving button on the Home page. For regular updates we are on all the social media sites, but if you are not on them we have a monthly newsletter. This will help you stay up to date if I don’t get the time to do the website, just email to be added to the list. We are Wirral’s largest animal rescue, with every penny going to the welfare of the animals, no wages taken not even expenses. We want to survive this year, go forward and keep improving on what we do. We can only do this with your support and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to help the animals. xx

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