News update

Bubbles is home and being treated every two hours, we are still trying to save his eye.

Blues and Toos are back due to no fault of their own, they are looking great and hopefully will find a forever home soon.

We are moving location. The move will take weeks so bear with us. The new premises offer lots of potential to take the charity forward. Its extremely hard work at the moment with Amy and Shaun working till early hours of the morning each day. Once all the horses and everything has been moved from the old sites, Amy and Shaun will be moving in to the cottage on the farm. They will pay the cottage bills, rent, rates and all household bills themselves, this will not come out of Charity funds.  Being on site will be much better for the animals and we are hoping better for Amy and Shauns health.

Its a huge step for the charity, we have lots of plans to make the charity self sufficient in the future. Until then we will still be relying on public support and donations. If you can help no matter how small please go to our donations page to make your pledge.

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