Night Night Little man, R.I.P


We are so sad to announce that our amazing Bobbie Dazzler has trotted off over rainbow bridge this morning, he saw the lovely Ben from Leahurst last night, as he had a very mild episode of colic, but by 6am was very, very poorly, we suspect he had some sort of abdominal tumour, even with pain relief and sedation, he was still obviously in a lot of pain, so there was no other decision to be made, but to let him go to sleep for a final time.

Bobbie was 31 years old and everyone’s favourite pony, he was such a cool dude, he was one of the original ponies we founded the Sanctuary with, so this loss has hit the whole team very hard.

Most of you will know that Bobbie has a 40 year old wife, Mandy, who lay down with him while we were waiting for Ben to arrive this morning, a very touching moment, we will of course be keeping a close eye on her over the coming days. Sleep well our Bobbie Dazzler xxxx

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