New Years day our Biggest resident, George was found lying unwell in the field, he got up briefly, but soon lay back down, he was brought down to the yard and the vet called out immediately. 

The lovely Ben from Leahurst attended him very quickly and initially treated him for Colic, Colic is a broad term for tummy pain, which can be caused by minor things, such as wind, but can also be caused by much more severe illness or disease. Unfortunately for George, it is the latter in his case.

He was admitted into the amazing Phillip Leverhulme Equine Hospital within an hour and following all diagnostic tests and scans, they are unsure what is making him so unwell, however, his kidneys aren’t working well, he is very dehydrated, has a low white cell count and protein levels, so all in all, a very poorly boy.

The initial problem to combat is the dehydration, so he has been hooked up to IV fluids and they will keep assessing his bloods over the next 24-48 hours, looking for any signs of improvement or deterioration, however, at this time it is 50/50 whether he will pull thru.

As always, we have told the hospital to do anything he needs, which comes at a price, just the first 24 hours alone, are estimated to cost £2000 – £3000. If you are able to donate even £1 each, towards George’s care we would be ever so grateful and providing he pulls thru, he will be more than happy to kiss and cuddle anyone who helps him, as he really is the loveliest boy, with a lot of love to give.

Please visit George’s Just Giving Page
Or, you can also donate via our PayPal: and just pop in comments “For George” please

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