Tinkerbell and Jolene
Dewi and Eileen

Huge thank you to everyone involved, from the farmers rounding up, to the volunteers holding the fort at home, Eileen, her baby Dewi, Jolene and her baby Tinkerbell are all settled and snuggled up for the night.

The decision was taken at last weeks annual round up, not to put these mares back on the Carneddau for Winter as Eileen is lame and Jolene is underweight, so their owner, the lovely Gareth Wyn Jones, kindly agreed we could offer them a new home with their babies.

They loaded easily, travelled very well and settled immediately, they are very special, beautiful ponies. We will allow them some adjustment time before we start looking into Eileen’s lameness and the cause of Jolene’s weight loss, the ponies up on the mountain are all in good condition with such great food sources available, so we suspect possible dental issues, that will be addressed, as soon as she trusts us enough to do so.

To donate towards their food, hay, bedding, vet care etc, please find our bank and paypal details below.

Thank you for your continued support.

Bank: sort: 161614 account: 10375919

PayPal: horsesensewirral@yahoo.com

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