Yesterday we assisted Cheshire Police, dealing with 9 abandoned ponies, 6 mares, 3 of which are heavily pregnant, the other 3 suspected to also be pregnant, just not as imminent, plus 3 foals at foot, who look to be late foals of last year, maybe very early this year.

Although they are all a good weight, they all need their feet doing and are all riddled with parasites and matted. One pony who was named Mika at the scene, after the Police officer in attendance ‘Michael’ is not as well as the rest, her chest is covered in nasty looking sarcoids (tumours), she isn’t carrying as much weight as the others and also has chronic diorreah. One of our lovely vets will be attending tomorrow morning to assess them all, after a bit of time to settle in, but obviously Mika will be priority.

A huge thank you and well done is in order, to Cheshire Police, who really did everything they could for these ponies and have seized them and placed them under our ownership, to the many lovely people who went and helped round up the ponies and some stayed with them all day from approx 9am, until we left near to 8pm, happy to help us handling and loading, proper pony Angel’s, to Rik Pinchin for running out of work to transport, Trevor Jones for putting his paint brush down and transporting, Rosie Joyner for travelling a fair distance to transport and also Ange who also dropped everything to help transport too.

We also have an amazing team of volunteers and liveries, who dont get enough credit for the work they do, Samantha CumbersFran Randles and her partner Ian, all attended on scene with me, whilst Joanne CumbersWendy Parker, her partner Phil, Emma McCabe and her dad Tony, Kelly RivingtonLorraine Westhead and her daughter Lucile, Molly, Angela and Trustee Rachel Tyrie all manned the fort at home, looking after our residents, preparing for the new arrivals and receiving them, they really are an amazing team of people, thank you everyone who assisted in anyway, we also had several people including Carol PinchinCaz LucasSam Mee and many more who were all on their phones trying to round up transport for us, these rescues aren’t possible without a whole team of dedicated people. They have settled in very well together.

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