Part of the healing process from Vet Physio Claire

As many of you know I regularly assess and treat Horse Sense Wirral’s rescue ponies when needed!

On Sunday Amy asked me to pop along and see Blues (mummy) as she was concerned about her stifle locking, she was also struggling eating her dinner/hay from the floor!

These poor girls are so poor and malnourished that there is very very little muscle tone to work with which could cause the rotation of the patella resulting in the locking! – this is something that is difficult to treat at present due to their general health and ability to exercise without becoming fatigued!

What we did work on is some soft tissue release around her poll causing her restriction in range of movement at her neck, we have also started some forelimb and hind limb rhythmic stabilisations to activate her deep stabilisation muscles.

Then to try to improve her core Amy and her volunteers will be working on some baited stretches with Blues within her comfort zone!

Both girls are lovely and Blues was a pleasure to treat! I will be seeing Blues again in a couple of weeks and I’m sure I will see a big difference!

Don’t forget Horse Sense Wirral is a charity and relies on donations, recent publicity has helped with the girls vets bills…. But there is still a way to go!  Claire

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