Saffy was rushed into surgery on Tuesday for colic surgery as her large bowel has displaced itself, all her vital signs are good, but its a very serious operation, she has the best surgeon in the wonderful Debbie Archer at he Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital, so she has the best chance she can.

Colic surgery costs in excess of £3000, as always we put the horses needs first and worry about the cost later, if you would like to contribute towards her surgery please use PayPal: or call Leahurst direct on 01517946199 and ask for Debbie or Nicky who will be happy to take a card payment.

Wednesday:- Saffy is doing really well, after her emergency colic surgery last night, she is on IV fluids to keep her hydrated and has a mineral lick, she hasnt had any food yet, but has been to the toilet which is a good start, shes very bright and alert. She is still within the critical time frame but we are quietly optimistic.


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