Poor Bobbie has been taken ill today, with no obvious cause so far, our super vet, Luke, took fluid from his tummy and bloods to check for various causes, so far the tests on his tummy have come back clear and we are awaiting the blood results. As he has a high temperature and heart rate, he has been started on antibiotics and pain relief.

Bobbie is one of our long term residents, one of the original 6 we started with, so is very, very special to us and does have his own little fan club, so please, say a prayer and cross your fingers that, whatever it is, is treatable, at his age there are some things being tested for, that may not be treatable, which breaks our hearts :0(

Today’s tests alone have cost £150 and we know this will rise, no matter what the outcome, with our dry weather issues and extra feed and hay costs, this is a big financial blow to us, but every animal in our care, deserves the absolute best.

This is only made possible by you, our amazing supporters, we desperately need financial support at the moment, even £1 goes a long way, if all of our supporters donated just £1, That wouldn’t fall far from our monthly running costs of £6000-£8000, depending on time of year and vet bills.

Please give what you can, it’s very much needed and appreciated:

PayPal: horsesensewirral@yahoo.com

Other methods of donation, can be found on our donate page or drop us a private message.

Thank you so, so much, as always xxx

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