Poorly Bubbles







December 27th we had to rush poor Bubbles into pony hospital at The Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital as he injured his eye. It seemed to be a minor injury at first so we started treatment with antibiotic eye cream, as we do as standard with any eye complaint, but as the day progressed it became clear that this was in fact a rather serious eye injury, so after a quick chat with the on call vet, we decided it was best to get him straight into the hospital for treatment.

The vet believes he has just had a bit of a violent rub on a rough bit of fence but it has sliced right through his eye ball to only 1 tiny layer away from his pupil and his eye is as close as it can be to rupturing, without actually being ruptured.

The lovely Fernando, who is the eye specialist was dragged in from home to have a good look at what can be done and due to where it is, the most awkward place possible, he has suggested trying eye drops throughout the night and if no better the next day or it does rupture he will have emergency surgery to remove the eye.

Mr Bubbles was much brighter the next night, although sadly only due to the amount of pain relief he is receiving, his lovely vet Fernando had a good look at his eye and found (in layman’s terms) that part of the cornea of his eye had turned to mush, so he removed that part and cleaned the whole eye ball up, but sadly, even with treatment every 30 minutes for 24 hours, the infection was worsening, so it does look like he will have the eye removed, unless we have some sort of miracle, it is a very expensive operation, but it needs doing ASAP in order to make sure Bubbles doesn’t suffer in pain any longer than necessary.

Many horses have eyes removed for one reason or another and learn to cope quite well, with his mask on at the minute he is turning his head looking for us with his right eye, but he will soon acclimatise to the change, as well as us getting into the habit of either approaching from his right or talking to him as we come from the left so he knows we are there.

So please keep everything crossed for poor Bubbles and of course, as always, if you can help towards his veterinary costs, we would appreciate it so much, you can call Leahurst direct to pay a contribution towards his bill or alternatively make a donation via PayPal: horsesensewirral@yahoo.com with a note to say for Bubbles please

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