Whilst I have been away Sailor was admitted to intensive care at the Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital, it was unclear what was exactly wrong with him, we knew he was dehydrated, we knew he was slightly impacted due to the dehydration and we knew his kidney function tests weren’t right but not horrendous. He also had a swollen sheath and penis, he was well in himself, eating, drinking, pooing, he just couldn’t urinate for himself.

Sailor was rescued by one of our followers in a very poor way, she took advice from us how to start his rehabilitation and after having his feet and teeth done she tried her best to get weight on him. He really wasn’t good so she signed him over to us so he can have 24hr care he needs. His feet are in a bad way and he was in pain, we set too with everything to make him comfortable, and had a special pair of shoes put on him. He is a stunning boy with a lovely nature and deserves the best. Sadly too much had been taken off his teeth and he couldn’t chew his food causing the impact.

Whilst he was in the best place possible, we did have to pay a £750 deposit towards is care, estimated to cost around £1500 and that had completely emptied our bank account of all funds, if you can possibly spare a pound or two, it would be very much appreciated to help us replenish those funds for feed, hay, bedding, farrier etc etc.


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