Poorly Tonto

Poorly Tonto tontos xray 2 Tontos xray





Last week Tonto started with really watery diarrhea and recognising he has had this before, due to the sand in the ground, we upped the sand medication that he has each month and treated him with Epson salts to counteract the dehydration.

Saturday he was no longer passing anything but pure water so we called out the lovely Elliot from Leahurst who started tubing him twice daily, with the sand shifter and Epson salts directly into his stomach, to try and shift the sand out but to no avail.

Today the decision was taken to admit him into the Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital where x rays revealed a mass of sand in his gut as shown in the attached pictures.

Tonto along with Chico had been on the land for many many years, before we took over their care and it is now apparent that the monthly treatment we are giving them may be shifting out the months worth, but leaving the historical build up behind.

Elliot and the team of vets plan to continue the stomach tubing but more vigorously every 4 hours for the next 3 days before repeating the x rays, if the x rays show no improvement he will need very invasive surgery to remove the sand manually costing in excess of £3000.

As you all know we already have an outstanding bill of in excess of £4000 and are in financial crisis but we will never take the chance of a happy life away from a pony so we ask if you can help please? Every penny really does count, the priority right now is that if he needs surgery we will have to pay an up front deposit of £750 which we don’t have so please please help us raise the £750 in the next 3 days so we can give the vets the go ahead straight away if needed.

Thank you all so much

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