AGE: 16 years old
COLOUR: Chestnut
HEIGHT: 13.2hh
BREED: Welsh part bred

Rosie came to live with us in February 2013 when her previous owner from out of the area was horrified to find that Rosie had been sold through a local market several times since she had sold her 12 months previous. Rosie was originally sold as unsuitable for child riders as she can be very strong but as she is a pretty little pony we believe that the homes she was passing through were homes wanting a child safe pony hence why she kept ending back at the market month after month. In order to secure Rosies future her old owner sought out her latest home and reimbursed the owner with their costs in order for Rosie to come to us. We gave Rosie time out to just be a pony and relax, she was just so confused being passed around from one home to another. Rosie is now in a loving home.

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