Spring is in the air

The last little herd to go out. Poppy (first little grey) followed by Flossie then Carrots and Buddy following. Buddy and Poppy are prone to Laminitis and great hudini’s have to go on minimal grass with post and rail fencing, to prevent them escaping to the long grass. With so much grass at the farm we had to wait for the bigger ponies to eat it down, also Flossie has spent her life with Queenie and the big horses and for her health it was time to separate them. This had to be a steady progress so not to stress Flossie or Queenie. Flossie has integrated well as have them all in this herd and they are having a great time playing and bonding. Queenie being Mummy to all at HSW is in a prime location to be able to see everyone and loves keeping a close eye on baby Morgan. All our paddocks are separated to take in to account the horses needs, for example Shetlands in one paddock with minimal grass as prone to laminitis, re-homables, oldies etc.

Flossies gang


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