Squeak goes in for another operation






We have just left little Squeak at the Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital, she settled in after making sure the whole Campus knew that Squeak was in the house. The lovely Neil Townsend will perform a fairly minor surgery under General Aesthetic later today to create her a new drainage system for her eye following her previous surgery and flush it all out, this is a new procedure so there is no evidence to say how long it works for so it may need doing again at some point in the future or maybe another option taken, but Neil feels its worth doing as its allot less invasion than the old way of doing things and she has already been through enough after the major facial surgery she had last year.

We will visit her tonight to see hows she is after her surgery and keep you posted.

Squeak after op

Squeaks Surgery went very well however, same as last time she has gotten herself in a bit of a state when coming round and so is on colic watch as very sweaty and tucked up, but no one has any major concerns it is just a precaution and hopefully she will be home Friday.

We were aloud to give her a 5 minute in hand walk on the grass to try and calm her down a bit and give her a good brush and scratch and she was more settled when we left her.


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