Squeak Update……WARNING… Upsetting Photos

Last night when we arrived at Leahurst to visit Squeak we knew straight away that something wasn’t right as she wasn’t shouting at us and also was lying down covered in shavings as we approached and didn’t get up and in fact when Shaun jumped over the door she just lay flat and breathing hard.

We had already been informed by one of the students on our way in that the whole veterinary team were in surgery dealing with emergencies so we got her up and out walking around the yard and called through to say we knew they were busy but please could a vet come out to us as soon as they are available.

A student appeared very quickly and checked all the usual heart rate, breathing, gut sounds and attempted her temperature but as normal little miss objected, all were fine although she was breathing very rapidly, she was trying continuously to go down on the concrete, so we were advised to pop her back in the stable and a vet would be 20-30 mins but she went straight down flat again and she rapidly deteriorated, her breathing really laboured and so we had to insist that someone did something to help her.

One of the vets took 1 look at her and ran off for the stomach tubing equipment and IV pain killers and had her standing and looking more comfortable within 10 mins. When we left her she had been up for a good couple of hours just having a snooze, after all its a lot for a little po to cope with.

The vets will stomach tube her again at 2amish and 6amish and fingers crossed she will pull through as exactly the same happened last time she had surgery, they will just keep her in a few days longer to monitor her. We believe, as she is a typical shetland, who eats every minute of the day, that when she has to have 24 hours nil by mouth for the general anesthetic, she gets a belly full of gas which it what makes her so poorly.

Please send your best wishes to our little Squeaky pops and thank you as always to all at Leahurst who were really ran off their feet last night.

Apologies for the first picture but it is important to show what colic looks like (most of the time) for those who haven’t seen it before, the 2nd is during stomach tubing and the 3rd ten minutes later looking for her tea that was taken away until her tummy is settled

Squeak colicTubingAfter tube

Saturday 21st Feb

Leahurst decided today that it was in Squeaks best interests to get her home as she just wasn’t happy in pony hospital and she is so happy to be home, even if she does look like Zorro pony, she has her friends around her. The mask is to prevent Squeak catching the drainage tube, and shes not bothered by it at all.

Zorro Squeak

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