AGE; 15 years old, HEIGHT: 36 inches,COLOUR: Chestnut, BREED:Shetland

Squeak was signed into the sanctuary along with her friends Jules, Bubbles and Beau in April 2014 following a sudden change in their owners circumstances.  On arrival it was apparent that Squeak had a nasty infection in her sinus, our Vets at Leahurst Equine Practice tried to clear the infection with antibiotics with no luck so Squeak was taken in and operated on by top Veterinary Surgeon Neil Townsend for a surgical procedure to drain the infection from her face, and to remove the rotten nasal cavity the infection had caused. After a spell in recovery Squeak was allowed home to make a full recovery with her friends. Squeaks wound has healed lovely and she is so much happier in herself.

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