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Last month we had the lovely Paddy Finnegan from Finnegan Equine visit Wirral. Here is a small piece about his work and a lovely Thank You to HSW. To learn move of the fantastic work Finnegan Equine do, take a look at their page

We believe that education is the key to every animal and every person’s welfare right across the world. Education is also the  key to change for the better, the lives of working equines and their owners/keepers.
To contribute to education  to improve the lives of thousands of working horses, ponies, donkeys and mules in the developing world, we aim to have 1000 partners overseas by the end of 2021. With your help, we can reach this target.

How can you help?

Very simple, by joining our campaign called 1 for 1, this means that for every product sold in a developed country, Finnegan Equine will donate a sample welfare model on your behalf, for instance, if you buy a hoof stand, we will donate a sample welfare model of a hoof stand to be replicated; if you buy a hoof pick or a rasp, we will do the same. Even better if you buy a full kit, we will donate a full sample welfare model kit.

Many thanks to Horse Sense Wirral Rescue Centre

We are also ever so grateful to Alex for her helping hand at both of the practical trimming sessions at the Horse Sense Wirral Rescue Centre.  It was very kind of Amy and Shaun Pirie, directors of the rescue centre, to have hosted two trimming practical sessions on Saturday morning and afternoon.

Horse Sense Wirral founders Amy and Shaun Pirie facilitated the practical training sessions!

Furthermore, Amy and Shaun were very generous providing my accommodation all week at the Horse Sense Wirral Centre.  I cannot thank them enough and I have a lot of admiration for their compassion and the great work they carry out every day with so many unwanted horses.

This great team effort, by all concerned, has enabled us to make  huge progress in our educational goals, as all the new welfare models and our commercial models of our stands,knives, rasps and safety nippers were well tested by these enthusiastic students,  on a wide range of animals including donkeys, Shetland ponies, cobs and several of the fantastic very well looked after, senior residents at the centre, they all  look really  fantastically happy and well for many of them being over 30 years of age. 

I must point out that all the animals at Horse Sense Wirral, including the senior residents, had some of the best cared for feet, that I have had the pleasure to see in any rescue centre. They are certainly a credit to the very dedicated team at this rescue centre.

We hope that this winter our Education Trust will be formalised to allow us to offer similar training workshops next term to the other Equine Students Clubs in the rest of the Veterinary Colleges in the UK, as well as to any interested nearby equine rescue centres. If you would like  further information about our educational program or about our products please contact us on




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