This weeks news

Its been busy this week so will give a brief update.

Blues and Toos: 

Toos is doing well and gaining weight, Blues however will take a lot longer to get her to good health. Blues coat is falling out due to her immune system being very low, having anaemia and recovery from lice. She is looking brighter and eating well but this poor girl gave so much to save her baby, it will take some time before she is the pony she should be.


Ruby is bright and very chatty, she has had a vet check, her feet and teeth done, been wormed and had a lovely massage. Ruby loves kisses and cuddles, shes eating well and doing just great.


Banjo was castrated last week, with one testicle being abnormal, it was taken to the labs for testing. Result was it was just flesh, meaning he has one retained testicle in his abdomen needing invasive surgery to remove it.


Pollyanna had a bout of colic Monday morning, the vets came out and treated her and all seemed well. Unfortunately Tuesday morning she didn’t seem herself and was taken into Leahurst Equine Hospital. As always we wont separate Pollyanna and Finlay, so Fin went with her. Polly was tubed and scanned but the vets are at a loss at the moment with her immune system low, the vets are running every test possible to get Polly onto the right treatment and well again.


Squeak still has a drainage tube from her nose, and is still on antibiotics. The tube is doing it’s job and draining her infection.

With so many poorly ponies our bank account is empty, as always we would appreciate any donations big or small to help us give the ponies the best of care.

To finish on a good note, Amy our chair has been nominated for Pet Plans Animal Charity Volunteer of the Year Award.

Amy was diagnosed with a rear illness a few months ago, meaning she has been off work on sick leave. Although she struggles most days she has still been at the helm. What Amy does is just normal to her and she recognises the support from the volunteers and public as the true heros, because without them she just couldn’t do what she does.

I will finish with a few photos of our babies. Pollyanna having her scan, Ruby all settled in, and Finlay saying hello to Ruby with kisses.

Ruby and Fin

Pollys scanRuby 1

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