We collected mother and Daughter, aged a minimum of 35yo and 25yo, July 20, following the sad death of their owner. Their owner had purchased Mollie from a local horse market 25 years ago and got a surprise when Tilly came along, they had never left his property since.

As you can imagine strangers turning up and taking them away in a trailer would be stressful for them, but as we did everything slowly and quietly, they took it all in their strides and have settled well.

They had been very well cared for and Tilly is in amazing condition, however, Mollie, whilst not intentionally neglected by any means, has been lacking specialised geriatric care, so has a nice round grass belly, but is very thin along her top line and bum, she is also very lethargic, so has been placed under intensive care with us and has Tilly right next door where they can still reach each other and interact.