Tuesday 10th September

As you all know, we are always busy responding to calls for help, but we don’t publicise it and never ask for donations for a pony unless it’s already in our care. However, we currently have a special set of circumstances ongoing and desperately need you all to pull together to help save a ponies life!!!

Over the weekend of the 7th Sept we were tagged in a Facebook post about a feral colt that had been dumped in North Wales and we responded to the poster, to see what we could do to help and it was agreed that we would take him on.

The local farmers have since been monitoring his movements across the hills, in order to make a plan to round him up, these farmers are experts at rounding up wild ponies and have a plan in place to round him up on Thursday, however, whilst monitoring him, they have noticed he has a very serious injury to his dock, for those not horsey, this it the top part of his tail, in which his spine and other associated vitals run through.

This injury is grossly infected and putting the pony, we have named Copper’s life at risk, thru sepsis. We have also seen video footage of him amongst other wild ponies where they are all constantly swishing flies away with their tails, however, Copper hasnt quite as forceful a swish.

Once rounded up, we plan to take him straight for emergency care, with our amazing vets at Leahurst. Obviously the vets cant tell us what is needed to save his life until they can get close up to the injury, however, being feral it is very likely that a general anesthetic will be required in order to debride and clean the wound at a very minimum, but the tail may also be too far gone and need amputation.

Follow up treatment will also be more expensive, as dealing with a feral pony is more time consuming and will require regular sedation, we expect his initial Veterinary care to be a minimum of £2000, taking into account that a general anesthetic is in the region of £1000 straight away, dependant on the weight of the pony.

We will be required to give Leahurst a lump sum upfront, in order to get Copper the treatment he needs, that means we need to raise £2000 in the next 36 hours, so that this young boy, has every chance of being able to live a happy life.

Please give as much as you can afford, via PayPal or bank transfer, even a single £1, as Just Giving takes 2-3 weeks to land in the bank. Please put “Copper” as the reference, as if for any reason we cant get Copper into our care, we will of course refund all donations marked “Copper”.

We appreciate any help you can give and more so, Copper will appreciate it too, as he goes on to live a happy life, thanks to you lovely people.

We will of course keep you all up to date with what’s going on, from when we have him, to what the vets say and how treatment goes. We also want to thank the local horsey people and farmers where he is, who have done and are still doing, everything they can to help this poor boy.

Thursday 12th

10pm Copper is on his way

Huge thank you to everyone involved in getting Copper off the mountain, he is only a baby and terrified, but now with us and on his way to Leahurst.


This little man travelled amazingly and is now settled in to Leahurst, he will be allowed to settle tonight and our amazing vet Luke Edward’s will start treatment first thing in the morning.

We would like to say a HUGE thank you for all the support and kind donations received so far, in order to get this little man safe.

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