Unfortunately we have been turned down for a grant we were really pinning our hopes on, to convert some of our barns into stables ready for winter, we only missed out due there only being 2 grants available and 11 of us applying for it and the others either own their premises or have very long leases on them.

What this means for us and our residents is that we don’t have enough housing for them over winter, as the fields get very wet here they do need to come in and sadly due to lots of new arrivals this year, as well as ponies being returned from their loan homes, we can’t fit everyone in, to add to the strain, with an £1800 vet bill this month and average £6000 a month running costs.


We need to raise £2000 by the end of October to stand any chance of getting our mobile stables up for winter, to keep everyone cosy.

Every £1 counts, every share counts, every conversation with a passer-by counts, please do what you can.

This is the link to our Just giving page https://www.justgiving.com/hswstables? where you can donate.

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