We Welcome New Trustee Sue

SueWe are very pleased to announce the appointment of Sue Harwood as a TRUSTEE and as our CHARITY SECRETARY.

Here’s what she has to say ……

I have been involved with horses since a very young age, much longer than I care to admit to. I currently have 5 of my own, including a pregnant mare, so 6 as of next year. I have competed in driving events (driving trials, private driving, pleasure driving), have trained horses to drive and taught people too. I have competed in ridden events, including ridden and in-hand showing, dressage, and endurance (though only the pleasure ride, not the serious stuff!). I have backed and brought on youngsters, and retrained difficult horses, both of which I love doing. I trained as an Equine Bodyworker many years ago, and this was how I met Amy and Horse Sense, as I volunteered to treat the horses on a regular basis.

I have also trained as a saddle fitter, as many of the issues I found in my clients were caused by ill-fitting or badly made saddles. I also trained with Heather Mofffet as an Enlightened Equitation trainer, teaching classical dressage, and I specialise in adult beginners (or those returning after a time away from horses), and in riders with confidence issues. I am using all of these skills at Horse Sense, as the Bodywork helps our rescued horses, and we also re-train them to improve their chances of finding a new home.

Several ponies are being trained to drive, and also started as riding horses. We have now also started Agility classes, and I am involved with a regular series of training events too.

I would recommend volunteering to anyone who has even a little free time: the horses are so responsive it is a joy to work with them, the volunteers are a great bunch of people, and there is so much to be involved in. I have gone from an occasional day volunteering to doing several days a week, and enjoy every day.

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