Zebra Products Ltd keep the girls warm

Bucas rugsBusy day on Friday for the girls, with a visit in hospital from the lovely Sophie Harrison of Zebra Products Ltd, the UK’s distributor of Bucas products who have donated 2 full wardrobes of superior quality rugs for both girls, as worn by the amazing Valegro, Thank you very very much, they look very smart.

After a very sad farewell to the girls amazing Vet Andrea Kashani who is sadly moving to another Equine Hospital and will be so so missed, the girls were allowed to come home and it was nice to see them recognise it as home with a chorus of whinnies as they pulled up out side. They will have another worming treatment at home next week but are well over the worst.

I have included the next picture by way of stressing just how important worming CORRECTLY is. This picture was what came from Toos, any old wormer just wont cut it, if you are unsure about worming please ask your vet or even us, if we don’t know the answer we will get the answer for you, please don’t allow ponies to suffer in silence through lack of knowledge.


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